Flight Planning Applications

Jeppesen offers complete, user-friendly flight planning solutions that allow you to assess weather conditions, create, view and file flight plans online from anywhere in the world. Jeppesen’s flight planning solutions reflect your increasing delivery options, including online, PC and printable plans. The flight planning products also leverage Jeppesen’s world-class aeronautical data, known for its accuracy and reliability.

Below are some flight planning applications:

FliteStar IFR and Corporate (Windows Based Desktop Application)

FliteStar IFR is a PC-based flight planning software solutions for general aviation pilots. It is created to simplify and automate the entire flight preparation process. It is ideal choice for IFR pilots who want the ultimate in flight planning power.

It produces highly accurate and graphically detailed flight plans by providing a thorough look at TFRs, airport information, FBO data, airspace, and even weight and balance for each of your flights. You can further enrich your planning information and capabilities with valuable add-ons such as Jeppesen Weather.

FliteStar is offered in three software versions to provide the flexibility of features you need suited to your flight planning needs:

  • VFR – Designed for basic VFR flight plans and trips.
  • IFR – Provides more advanced features used in IFR flight planning.
  • Corporate – Advanced aircraft models for improved flight planning accuracy
Benefits of Flitestar IFR:
  • Vectorplus Technology: Gain added control and customization with FliteStar’s unique ability to display chart “themes,” background maps including Jeppesen enroute low- and high-altitude, VFR and high-contrast charts. You can also save customized charts as “favorites.”
  • Profile View: Determine the best altitude for your route of flight by accessing terrain profile views, adjustable altitude profiles, interactive airspace depictions, cloud bases, MEAs and wind component, as well as icing.
  • Multi-route Capability: Simplify multi-route planning with simultaneous displays on-screen and in your RoutePack list.
  • Split-Screen Viewing: Enhance your perspective and control with this unique capability that allows you to see chart details and the entire route at the same time.
  • Weather Overlay: Stay abreast of weather trends and developments that can affect your flight by viewing up to nine layers of “live” aviation weather on enroute charts.
  • JeppView Integration: Seamless integration with JeppView for viewing and printing terminal charts (JeppView optional).
  • Advanced User Interface: Advanced user interface compatible with Window based electronic flight bag applications
Jeppesen Internet Flight Planner (JIFP)

JIFP is built on the strength of PC-based FliteStar. It is a small application that is downloaded to your PC. Using an Internet connection, you’ll access Jeppesen’s server to perform your VFR and IFR flight planning – completely online.

The NavData and terrain data is always current and up-to-date. It depicts various chart elements such as airports, VORs, enroute and terminal fixes, low and high airways, restricted and special use airspace, FIR boundaries, terrain and geopolitical features and more.

Features & Benefits of JIFP

  • Depiction of active Special Use Airspace.
  • Depiction of TFRs.
  • Ability to create custom chart themes.
  • Depiction of restricted airspace.
  • Rubber band routing.
  • Profile view of route with weather and winds.
  • Worldwide flight planning.
  • U.S. Weather and U.S. Flight Plan Filing through DUATS.
  • Worldwide Jeppesen weather (provided at additional cost).
Jeppesen Live Weather for Flitestar

Jeppesen Weather is a worldwide service, integrating data from around the globe and creating weather products for most countries and regions. Jeppesen has been providing world-class weather services to private and commercial pilots and dispatchers for more than 25 years. The data and products are seamless as operators fly between airports, regions and countries.

Live weather information for FliteStar automatically downloads and displays through the Jeppesen Weather Service whenever your Internet connection is active. Winds aloft, METARs, SIGMETS and other critical weather information, as well as NEXRAD, lightning, icing, turbulence and precipitation accumulation, overlay on the Enroute Chart view in the background while you plan your flight.

With the Weather toolbar you can control each weather layer with a single click, set the altitude to display information at different levels, download official briefings and file flight plans.

Jeppesen Weather not only provides a distinct geographical advantage, but also offers more aviation-specific graphical weather products than other services.